Global Dating Insights GDI is constantly on the lookout for new players in the online dating market, disruptive business models, and innovative technologies. Kismet is amongst one of them businesses for sure! - Jan. 2022

Z. , Doha After a disappointing first date, I was discouraged to meet someone new. Now I am back in the game thanks to Kismet and enjoying every minute of it. It is a numbers game, don't ever give up! - Jan. 2022

L&E , Dubai We matched 4 months into my membership, it was his first month. A year later, we got married. Thank you for the introduction. - Nov. 2021

A. , Kuwait City Instead of going on and on about myself, I just tell my matchmaker what I like, what I don’t like and that’s it! 100% honesty, no judgment. Kismet changed my dating game. It’s not a game anymore. It’s all real. - Mar. 2021

M. , Riyadh I started dating again after divorce and it wasn’t easy until I started using Kismet. Now I'm seeing someone of my age and it is going well. I recommend everyone not to give up on love! It’s not you, it is the trashy apps out there! - Feb. 2021

Daily News Blog Dating in the UAE is harder than it looks and Tinder doesn’t really help. When I signed up for Kismet, I wasn’t expecting much and I am positively surprised. It is refreshing to meet people who are genuinely looking for what could be a meaningful relationship. - Dec. 2020

B. , London I said let’s give it a try 8 months ago, and here I am today engaged to be married. - May. 2019

Valley Weekly A brand new approach in the dating industry by gathering the best qualities of private matchmaking agencies and online dating sites. This hybrid method saves its users a stressful trip to an agency and outrageous amounts of cash demanded while providing the very same service by recruiting experienced matchmakers. - Apr. 2019

J. , Istanbul My third year in Istanbul and this is the first time I am dating a Turkish girl. It has been 5 months now and I have my colleague to thank for letting me know about Kismet. - Feb. 2019

J. , NYC I like the idea of having options but at the same time when listed in some app, can’t help feeling like a circus animal, revealing tricks to catch attention. Everybody likes to choose but being a disposable option myself is not as fun. That’s why I signed up for Kismet. It makes me feel more powerful. I have control. - Jan. 2019

Daily News Blog Kismet seems to have solved the key concern about online dating; the privacy of its users. Now you can let your guard down and open up about your true self without worrying about the judgmental eyes of a curious surfer. Or your stalker ex for that matter. - May. 2018