How It Works

Sit back and relax, you are not alone anymore. Now you are a part of the Kismet community. We understand your needs and will work for your happiness. You have done your part by becoming a member. Now it is our turn. We will be doing our best to find the most compatible matches for you.

Kismet is an international online matchmaking service established to address the need to modernize traditional matchmaking agencies which are overly expensive and tend to serve the highest paying customer best. We believe in the importance of quality education and pay attention to the words you choose to describe yourself. We have a team of experienced matchmakers dedicated equally to all members' needs. They review your credentials and after careful evaluation offer you the best matching profiles only.

All applications are reviewed by our team of matchmakers. Honesty is a must but does not guarantee admission. Each week Kismet accepts only a limited number of new members matching with expectations of its current members. Once your application is approved, you may go ahead and pay the yearly fee to start your one-year-long membership. You cannot pay in advance to rush admission.

We take pride in our members! All college graduates and active participants of business life. Single professionals, business owners, and expats working for multinational companies and governments around the world.

We believe private lives should stay private. Your profile details will be kept secret from other members and will not be shared for publicity purposes. No one will know about your membership besides the matches offered by our team of matchmakers. And your matches will only see some of your details; which is restricted to the information you see on your profile page. (Photo, first name, age, etc.) The rest of the details will be only viewed by our team of matchmakers for background check and matching purposes. (Email, surname, company, etc.)

Nothing goes by unnoticed! Every single change you make on your profile appears on your matchmaker’s screen for approval. We make sure your matchmaker sees every piece of information changed and matches accordingly.

Once you start dating with one of your matches or become unavailable for dating for any other reason, you may choose to inactivate your account with a simple click on your profile. Inactive profiles will become invisible for previous matches made and matchmakers will stop working unless activated again. Reactivation is free of charge and you may immediately do so by yourself.

What to expect?

- Exclusive matchmaking

- Quality matches

- 24/7 online coaching

- Find a life partner

- 100% Privacy

What not to expect?

- Hook up site

- Swiping left and right

- Preset computer-based match suggestions for each week or any other scheduled agenda

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