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What makes Kismet special?

It shouldn’t be that hard to find someone special; a meaningful, fulfilling relationship. We have simplified the process as much as we could for your convenience. Our matchmakers have exclusive formulas which have been tried and proved successful over the years. We do not bore you with endless questions. No pretentious face to face interviews. We know what matters the most and only ask for what we need to know. We are good at what we do because we understand your expectations and be honest with you. We let you know from the very beginning if we can be of help or not.

Who is your clientele?

Back in 2016, Kismet started out as a matchmaking platform for expats in Silicon Valley. We were addressing expats’ need for finding like minded partners, preferably sharing similar cultural background. We continued to grow with UK in 2017 and expanded to Turkey in 2018. Today we are serving for both expats and locals all around the world with common denominators; open minded, hardworking, well-educated individuals who can survive and express their minds freely anywhere they live, whom not only believe in human rights but also respectful to the lives of all living creatures, believe in self improvement and lifelong journey of education.

Do you verify? How do you check profiles?

All profiles are checked and verified by our team. In case of any uncertain matter, we ask for more information to prove status. If not provided, account gets suspended until proven otherwise.

How do I become a Kismet member?

You need to fill in the application form and press send! False information is not tolerated. We love fact checking!

You request to fill application form online. Will my profile appear in Google search results?

No, it won’t. Kismet is not a social media platform. We keep our database private.

How do I interact with other Kismet members?

You don’t. Kismet is a discreet matchmaking platform, keeps its members private. You will be only let known about your own Matches and vice versa.

How do you operate?

Kismet works its magic and lets you know when someone is matched by your standards. It will be up to you to pursue or not.

I have bought subscription. When will I get a Match suggestion?

Matchmaking is manual and it will take at least 2 weeks. After that period you may expect to see a notification email regarding your Match.

I have provided personal details; will my Match see all of them?

No. Your Match will only see some of your details; which is restricted to the information you see on your own profile page. (Photo, first name, age etc.) The rest of the details will be only viewed by our team of matchmakers for background check and matching purposes. (Email, surname, company etc.)

How many matches will I get within one year period?

You will continue to be matched unless you set your profile to inactive. We do not have any restrictions but numbers usually change around 8 to 15.

How may I get coaching service?

Coaching service is included in your membership plan and free of charge. All you need to do is mailing us at kismet@kismet.today. All mails are replied within 48 hours or less. Please keep in mind that you need to be using the same email address registered at your kis·met account.

I have made some changes in my profile. Will you take them into consideration?

All updates appear on our matchmakers’ screen immediately. All changes are reviewed and approved by our team.

I am asked to revise my profile picture. Why?

We occasionally collect feedbacks regarding matching profiles. If more than one member gives us negative* feedback about your profile picture, we strongly recommend you to change it to increase your odds. *Negative feedback meaning they didn’t want to interact based on unappealing profile picture. Might be bad lighting, low resolution or else.

What does active profile mean?

When you buy subscription, your profile is automatically set to active, meaning you are open for matchmaking. You will be receiving matching profiles.

What does inactive profile mean?

Once you become exclusive with one of your matches or become unavailable for dating for any other reason, we recommend you to inactivate your account with a simple click on your profile. Inactive profiles will become restricted for previous matches made (they won’t be able to send or receive messages) and matchmakers will stop working until activated again. Reactivation is free of charge and you may immediately do it by yourself as well.

How much does it cost?

$450 for 1 year long membership. We are against overly expensive pricing policies of traditional matchmaking/introduction agencies which tend to serve the highest paying customer best. And determined to always keep quality over money.

I would like to buy Kismet membership as a gift. How may I proceed?

Email us the details and we will arrange it for you.

What is your refund policy?

You can request for refund after the end of 1 year period if it is proven you haven’t offered any Match.

Will my subscription renew itself every year?

It won’t. It will be up to you to renew or not.

I have provided correct information but my application is not approved. Why?

Honesty is a must but does not guarantee admission. Each week Kismet accepts only a limited number of new members matching with expectations of its current members.

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