5 Reasons to Use Professional Dating Services

Using professional dating services is becoming more commonplace than in other recent history. It's also more accessible. We can meet people online or go to a traditional matchmaker. Professional dating services allow people to meet people they wouldn't otherwise. It takes the pressure off and improves the chances of your finding a relationship. Some people may scorn you for using a professional dating service, but it's a sound choice. Here's why you should try a professional dating service:

1 - It Takes the Pressure Off

Instead of trying to have a go at relationships on your own, like most people do all their lives, professional dating services do all the work. They find the people and get the relationship started and all you have to do is decide if it's going to work.

2 - Matched With People Compatible to You and Your Personality

Professional dating services, both online and offline evaluate your personality types and match you with people who complement your personality. They look at factors like energy levels, education, communication skills, intimacy levels, finance, predictability, outlook on life, ambitions, shared expectations, emotionality and decision-making styles.

3- Get to Meet a Variety of People Outside of Your Social Circle

Professional dating services have connections. You're not the only person looking to make a match, and they can hook you up with a number of potential clients. As you go about your day, you meet and spend time with the same type of people. When you use the services of a matchmaker, they find people you've never met and have access to people in areas near and far, so you can meet the right person for you.

4- Learn About Yourself and What You Want in a Person

Matchmakers offering dating services say that most people say they don't care so much about looks, they care more about someone who shares their interests and goals. However, they add that when it comes down to it, what they actually want is someone who's attractive. Through meeting with a professional matchmaker, you have the opportunity to learn about the type of things you value in relationships and how to make it work for you. You'll also learn about yourself as you answer the matchmaker's questions and discover the types of people the professional dating service puts you with.

5- The Chances of Finding a Relationship With Someone Are Greater

Professional dating services have great odds. They increase the opportunity for you to meet someone who is compatible with you because they get to know you and try to match your preferences and personality with other people who have similar personality types.

Your values are important when a professional matchmaker introduces you to someone. Using a professional matchmaker might seem unusual, but the success rate is higher. You aren't the only person who is responsible for you to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. Likewise, a professional dating service is reliable and trustworthy. The people you meet have gone through a background check and if after a date or two it's not working, you can easily contact other options.

Why So Single?

If you are single for quite sometime, let’s say more than 2 years and wish to get coupled up… It is most likely that you are miscalculating stuff. So let’s dig deep into that stuff; what it is and what can be done about it.

Are you sure you haven't bitten by a serial dater bug? That disease is quite an epidemic one! You start with all innocent emotions; want to get to know the real personality of someone and settle down. Then before you know you start to cross out people over silly things; the way he drives or the type of heels she is wearing. Are you looking for merits to cherish or flaws to get irritated? If you look close enough you will gather enough evidence for both cases. So it’s up to you where to look depending on where you want to go with that person.

Are you trying too hard? Dating is different than your career, more effort does not necessarily mean better outcome. Dating too much (particularly through apps.) can be as bad (or worse) than not dating enough. Focus less on the number and more on the quality. Going on dates just for the sake of it; one item done on your to do list approach will only exhaust you and kill the buzz. You need to feel that buzz if you wish to fall in love again, that’s a must.

Are you emotionally ready to date? Or in other words do you feel satisfied with your life so that you are open to listening and trying to understand someone else’s? Or do you repeat your sad old story to anyone you just met and try to figure out why all that happened to you? You cannot let someone in if all that bullshit of yours occupies all the space.

Be aware of your state and make up your mind. If you really want to have a committed relationship, focus on what you want. Make meeting someone special your top priority – if you don’t know how to do that, hire a matchmaker. Using a professional matchmaking service makes life a lot easier and helps you find love a lot faster than your own means.

How to Change Your Dating Game

Your vibe matters and it’s time to sweep away the blues. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what body shape you have. Believe us, you are not alone. So you better stop playing the victim and ease down on self-pity. Life is not fair and everybody has his or her own disadvantages. Underlining your reasons to be the way you are will only strengthen the place you are now and prevent you to reach where you want to be. ‘Cause god knows you have all the good reasons and convinced everybody so. Welcome to your self built social prison.

Move it. Don’t lock yourself up at home sitting on your ass all day, reshooting the last romantic episode of your life on every other angle. Idle mind is devil’s playground and you don’t want that. You do not need to follow every update on Facebook, every like on Instagram. Have your own simple routines; go to the grocery store, enjoy strolling through the aisles, try to cook some new dishes. Invite your friends to enjoy a drink at the balcony. Organize your wardrobe; get rid of the ones you haven’t been wearing in 2 years. You need to let go to refresh yourself.

Don’t be stingy when it comes to trying something new. We know that it’s hard to decide whether it’s worth to pay a 100 for this new skin cream or that new restaurant but guess what? You cannot know unless you try and some will worth spending while others not. That’s what life is all about. There is no such thing as getting a 100 percent return on your expectation but appreciating the experience you had.

You attract the ones in your own spectrum of awareness. Once you make peace with yourself and the life itself; it will all go better from there on.

From Single to Couple, 3 Easy Steps Make All the Difference

Common misperception is that love simply HAPPENS; you wait for the right person to come along and then – ‘BOOM!!!’, you fall in love and live happily ever after. The truth is you can INCREASE your CHANCES of meeting someone by being more approachable.

When you are out with friends, be present. Enjoy the food, music, whatever conversation going on. Don’t just nod, listen and participate. Update your friends about your current emotional state and your desire to meet someone. Do not state over the top wishes, be reasonable with your standards. You can always eliminate people but first you need to have options. If you sound like “nobody is good enough for me”, people will be hesitant to let you know about singles around them and that only makes sense.

Do not go out to just go out. If you don’t feel like it, stay home. If you want to make it worth your time, stop complaining about how tired you are, be pleasant. Your vibe matters. Dress accordingly and appreciate where you are, what you eat, what you drink etc. Otherwise soon enough you will start thinking “I go out all the time but unlike others never ever any lucky coincidence finds me therefore I will stay in for the rest of my life”.

How about your social presence? If you don’t have any, it’s more likely that you don’t even exist. You need to have at least one active social media account to give other singles a convenient tool to pursue you. But be careful what you share and how you position yourself. Make meaningful check-ins. Be coherent with your choice of online presence, do not mix them up. Tinder, Instagram, WhatsApp may serve the same crowd but different goals.

And don’t be shy to sign up to a serious dating site if that’s what you really want. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Using a professional matchmaking service makes life a lot easier and helps you find love faster then your own means.

4 Signs Showing It's Time To Move On

1. You’re asking for attention and affection. You should never have to look for evidence that your partner loves you. You must simply know that you are loved, and leave it at that. You don’t want to put yourself into attention seeking freak position just because s/he says that s/he loves you but acts another way and leaves you all confused and somewhat not good enough.

2. You can’t be your true self. Are you constantly trying to make yourself more “pleasing” for the person you’re with? It’s not Ok if you can’t ask for what you want/need because of the fear the other person will leave you. You are in this relationship to share not to be a cheerleader.

3. S/he doesn’t invite you anywhere. If someone loves you, you will automatically be in his/her world and be a part of the daily conversation around his /her entourage; be a part of the gang and naturally get informed and get invited.

4. You find yourself stalking. This is a crucial sign that shows you feel left out and need to find out more by stalking. Shows a great deal of insecurity; not necessarily because you don’t have self esteem but instead s/he constantly leaves you on blind spot so that you need to fill in the blanks to make sense of what’s happening before becoming all too angry and judgmental. This is an effort put by you because of the lack of communication and soon you will be all worn out and end up with a huge headache. It’s exhausting to give 100 percent of yourself to a person who only gives you 50 percent in return; trying to get the other half by your own means.

Don’t hold on to someone that causes you more pain than joy. Will it be hard? Yes! But it’s better to have some temporary pain than a lifetime of being stuck somewhere you know you don’t belong.

Visiting Istanbul? Here’s 10 Amazing Date Ideas

1. A walk on the seaside, preferably between Arnavutköy and Hisar, which is about 2,5 miles long. You may grab a coffee or ice-cream on the way to keep you busy. Bebek is the best spot to do that with lots of options; Mini Dondurma, Abbas, Cup of Joy, Starbucks… Afterwards Bebek Park is a nice and free spot to just hang, enjoy the view, watch kids playing, dogs strolling.

2. Fancy some history? Let’s visit Eminönü, Sultan Ahmet, Topkapı Palace, Gülhane. Gülhane is indeed the master garden of Topkapi Palace so it has the best view of the Bosphorus. Make sure you end the tour with a visit to Gülhane Park, have a cup of tea in the teahouse.

3. How about a relaxing bed&breakfast? Şile is most popular with its boutique hotels and shore; you may simply swim&tan or try water sports, hiking, trekking, paintball or atv in the woods, depending on your adrenaline rush.

4. Looking for something different? How about MiniaTürk? It has the miniature versions of the monumental buildings in Turkey such as Anıtkabir, Bosphorus Bridge, Houses of Safranbolu. You sure will feel like a giant crossing the bridge within seconds with your huge steps.

5. Want to enjoy some roof top view? Try Maçka Swissotel. It has a great view and even better cocktails. DJ plays chillout, getting you warmed up after work, continues till 2am. Keep in mind the kitchen closes at 11pm, last order at 10:45pm.

6. History and romance combined: The Maiden’s Tower known as Kız Kulesi. It’s in the middle of Bosphorus but don’t you worry if you don’t have your own yacht just yet. Boats are available every 30min. from Üsküdar and Kabataş and it takes around 10min. to get there.

7. Burgazada. It’s one of the nine Prince Islands. It kept home to famous Turkish literature Sait Faik Abasıyanık and his cottage transferred into a museum for his admirers. Kalpazankaya is a casual but delicious seafood restaurant, fantastic view needless to say. Since motor vehicles are banned from islands, horse-drawn carriages will be your only mean of transportation if you don’t fancy walking.

8. Somebody said bar hopping? Teşvikiye is a solid option with its various types of bars; Kozmonot for beer lovers accompanied with rock music, Efendi for white collar hipsters and Divine for a jazzy, red winey evening. They are all neighborhood spots, nothing too fancy with a sincere, elegant crowd.

9. Do you like biking? İstanbul might not be the best place for bikers but Caddebostan offers a great track near seaside and it’s also possible to rent if you don’t have your own. Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to make a picnic on the grass after the ride. There are plenty of supermarkets offering drinks&snacks for picnic lovers.

10. Why do we have weekends if not for brunch? Backyard - Bebeköy, Nezih - Rumeli Hisarı, Big Chefs - Tarabya, Namlı Gurme - Karaköy, Sütiş - Emirgan, Van Kahvaltı Evi - Cihangir, Zapata - Moda, Divan Brasserie - Kalamış are some of the best for you. My personal favorite is Mangerie - Bebek, offering a wide range of pancake and prosecco.

Stop netflix and chill for a second, go out, go get loved up while creating your own fun memories.

Single Scenery Istanbul Edition

They say metropoles are same but different, so let’s focus on the different parts of Istanbul single scene.

Where to meet? It will be nice to have a view of the Bosphorus and delicious bites as well but nothing too heavy to keep you glued to your chair and eat the night away. Preferably a fancy restaurant with a bar scene will keep it dynamic, allowing you to get a feel for each other while trying signature cocktails. Fenix, Scarlet Steakhouse are just a few options at Etiler. If not you may go with a cosy meyhane within the walking distance of bars, keeping it casual. Cihangir or Karaköy will do the trick.

Istanbulites have their own antiques when it comes to judging a crowd and it gives you a great sense of understanding about his/her stance in life. Some find it pretentious to dine at Ulus Sunset while others find it snobbish to join an artsy conversation at Soho House. Some like the friendly atmosphere of Moda, Kadıköy. Some won’t step a foot outside a rather safe environment of a luxurious mall and even so you might classify them by the choice of that mall; Kanyon for white-collar professionals and Zorlu for socialites. Well, you will get used to it, how people resolve like oil and water by the preference of venues; how you start to see familiar faces by the choice of your own taste and never come across others.

When to meet? Don’t be surprised if she chooses to meet up at 9 for dinner, that’s because she doesn’t want to get stuck in traffic. Subway is not an option for her if she chooses to wear a dress and heels which only makes sense given the vile sidewalks make 5-minute-walking-distance into living hell. Heels don’t grow on trees.

Girls, don’t be loud. We mean it. You might think speaking in a foreign language might give you the freedom to cry out loud but it doesn’t. It actually gives a headache with a touch of embarrassment.

What to expect? Guys, expect to pay for it if it’s your first date, that’s for sure. She might offer to share but letting her to do so will only reduce your chance for a second date. And girls, expect to be flattered and don’t be fooled by casual anticipation of getting hooked up. Do as you please, not to please expectations.

How To Meet Locals #istanbul

Being an expat is an adventurous journey especially in a city like Istanbul. This city is huge and full of surprises from the minute you set foot on street. At times you end up being the center of attention when all you want to do is to blend in with the crowd. And other times feel totally invisible and irrelevant no matter how hard you try to connect. It’s not hard to meet locals, people are usually very keen to say “hi” and hear out your story. What’s hard is to connect with people on a real level, maintaining a deeper conversation that might actually go somewhere. So let’s talk about some practical advice on how to make this happen.

• It’s rather hard to blend in if you are not familiar with the language. Try to learn the basics. Simple expressions like “Günaydın” or “Merhaba” will give you lots of credit. Language schools are great for practicing but hiring a private tutor is better. At school you will be socializing with expat crowd. If you hire a Turkish tutor for yourself only, you will make friends with him at some point and he will be your local guide. You don’t necessarily need an actual teacher for basic Turkish; you might simply put an ad online and seek volunteers for the job.

• Cihangir, Moda, Kadıköy, Nişantaşı, Galata, Bebek are more lively neighborhoods than most. Do not stuck yourself at some concrete jungle in Maslak or Ataşehir where fun goes to die. It helps a lot to have restaurants, cafes and bars within walking distance. Discover your own spot and become a regular, stay connected with the rest of the dwellers.

• Pilates, yoga, crossfit and fitness studios are all around town. Consider joining a local gym and preferably hiring a personal trainer. He will keep in touch with you through whatsapp, keeping track of your progress. After a few lessons, you will get to know each other and he will be your key to meet with other members, guiding you through his references.

• Try to follow local news, take a stand on local issues. A foreigner expressing his thoughts about local politics is always interesting, states the fact that you care, not just passing through but have some sense of belonging to the country and this will make you more credible on the local beholder’s eyes.

• Say hi to your neighbors. Don’t be shy to ask their advice on how to find a nice cleaning lady or which farmers market to go. Follow the advice and share your feedback as well. Show them you also have some stuff to offer; might be an invitation for dinner, showing your cooking skills or helping them planning their next vacation at your hometown.

• Try Internations Istanbul Community. You will be surprised that almost half of its members are Turks with previous expat experience at some other country. You will be able to connect with them a lot easier, given the fact that they have been in your shoes at some point. Soho House Istanbul is also another hub to make great connections.

And you can always seek professional help when you feel stuck, tired or lost. Using a professional matchmaker service makes life a lot easier and helps you find love a lot faster than your own means.